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Henri Jeanneau’s passion and commitment to quality boat building began in 1957. From the first artisan-crafted runabout
to today’s precision-manufactured sail and power boats, that passion and commitment is now shared by our 2500 employees
world-wide. Our customers help drive the innovation and quality that are the hallmarks of Jeanneau.

As experienced sailors, their input enables our design and production teams to quickly
implement new ideas and enhance proven ones.

The result, as you’ll see, is a way of creating boats of extraordinary quality, value and timeless beauty.


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Jeanneau Sailboat Design – The Technology of Beauty

The strength of Jeanneau can be seen in the beauty of our boats. World-renowned designers and architects work with our in-house teams from the inception of each project and provide their expertise and innovative ideas.
The result of this partnership: captivating and inspiring designs that stand the test of time.

A Jeanneau must be responsive, agile and fast. Performance encompasses not only speed but exceptional handling
under power, smooth passage through heavy seas, confidence and control. Every experience onboard a
Jeanneau is enhanced by our well-balanced sail plans, modern hulls, high-end sails and quality deck hardware.

Each new Jeanneau is comprehensively designed via the powerful CATIA® design software. CATIA ®
allows Jeanneau to design a better boat with more attention to detail in a shorter timeframe.

Research & Development
A specialized Research & Design facility at Jeanneau houses 130 engineering specialists. This facility is unique in the boat-
building sector, providing R&D resources usually available only to large aeronautical and automobile companies.



The Engineering of Beauty

The Jeanneau Formula for success: Combine 50 years of practical boat building savoir-faire with the latest construction
technologies. Invest in and continuously improve technologically advanced factories with ergonomic production lines,
computerized processes and efficient logistic supply chains. Translate the efficencies into lower costs and higher
quality for the customer.

Superior composite technologies
20 years ago Jeanneau developed a closed moulding process called Prisma Process. This technological edge yields
a higher-quality part with a lower weight, but also reduces airborne VOCs by 90% as compared with
traditional GRP moulding, thus making it a much greener way to produce boats.

A passion for wood
Rich interior woodworking has always been a signature of Jeanneau quality. Using fine quality hardwoods and marine
composites, computerized varnishing machines and CNC routers provide precision parts finished to industrial tolerances.
These are then individually assembled with the experienced eye and hand of the craftsman.

Economies of Scale
No other builder enjoys the economies of scale available to Jeanneau. As an integral part of the world’s largest sailboat
building group, Jeanneau benefits by having access and influence with top-shelf suppliers. This allows us the highest
quality materials and components, sourced from the leading suppliers, at appreciable savings to our customers.



The Timelessness of Beauty

Our total quality control system tracks a product through the entire production process and beyond. From laboratory tests of each batch of resin to tank testing to customer satisfaction questionnaires and frequent supplier reviews,
we continually seek ways to improve our boats.

Quality starts with the best materials and components. Aboard a Jeanneau you will find equipment from the leaders in each field, because we only use suppliers that share our commitment to quality control and product excellence.
These premium suppliers also help ensure servicing of your boat’s components world-wide.

Peace of mind is part of the Jeanneau experience, which is why safety is standard. We conduct extensive finite element analysis of our structural systems, design secure handholds throughout, utilize large hatches that double as emergency egress routes, and only use the highest quality deck fittings. This helps create the legendary Jeanneau seaworthiness that comes with 50 years of experience in building offshore boats.

ISO 9001
As an ISO 9001 company, the Jeanneau’s building process is certified to the highest international standards.
Each new sailboat is thoroughly tested throughout the building process and each receives additional tank testing where all systems are put through their paces.

International Standards
All Jeanneau boats carry the CE certification which ensures strict standards for stability, safety and structure. In addition,
all boats 12 m and over are certified by the Bureau Veritas, an independent engineering certification.
This certification includes every part of the conception and building process.



The Enjoyment of Beauty

At Jeanneau, we know that delivering excellent boats is only the beginning; excellent customer service must follow.
When you purchase a Jeanneau you become part of our family.

Warranty & Service
Jeanneau has an established and professional distributor network in 50 countries, experienced and regularly trained
on the Jeanneau product line and new models. Distributors are aided by an innovative intranet program to facilitate the delivery of spare parts in the shortest time. In addition, each of these distributors is prepared to advise our clients and provide them with the exemplary service they should expect from a major boat builder.

The Jeanneau experience is unique. No other builder can offer the same level of cutting-edge design, superior finish, performance and customer satisfaction – all in a competitively priced package.